It’s funny. Although I gave myself more time to make longer posts, I ended up abandoning several essays that I was writing. One or two of them might end up being resurrected, although I have to admit that it is unlikely.

Each of these essays were started a while ago. They were not too ambitious, speaking on topics that I was moderately well versed in. Still, they needed time, effort, and a little research to parse out and write. Given the requirements I had laid upon myself in trying to get a post up each week, the work that should have gone into them was consistently postponed. Eventually, that postponement killed my interests in even writing them.

In a way, they aren’t all that different from writing a book or even a short story. A lot of my writing is moved piece by piece — or rather word by word. About the only characteristic that separates these from my work in fiction is that one speaks on opinion and fact and the other is well… fiction. And truthfully, though it can deal in truth (and in a way it must), fiction is simply more fun to write.

To me it is also more fulfilling.

It is always the reason that I end up backing off blogging that my fiction writing needs to be my priority. It’s what I yearn to do, what I want to do, what I need to do. When I think about writing on topics that could constitute a story, I get excited. While it isn’t the opposite, essays, blogs, and other forms of non-fiction writing do not engage me to the same level. I have interest perhaps in a spur-of-the-moment capacity. I get really interested in talking about a particular topic, enough to throw down some opinions, but as soon as that fire is out, the interest seems to go away.

Stories are the opposite. Whether I work a little or a lot on stories, they continue to plague my thoughts. Well, plague is the wrong word. Unless I am not writing — if I am unable to write — then “plague” is the right word. Fiction is what drives my enthusiasm for writing.

Again, maybe I’ll resurrect these essays. Maybe the spark will ignite again in a way that allows me to finish on those topics. If so, great. But in all likelihood, I’ll ignore it to write more fiction.

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