Being Anti-Social

Writing is a solitary pursuit. Unless collaborating on a project, writing is just done alone. People can be all around, but the writer is alone. Some may become bothered by such propositions, but not me. In fact, the very notion of it is enticing even more than the craft alone. Being alone sounds nice to … Continue reading Being Anti-Social

Go here; read this

For today’s post I am going to once again point you to someone else’s post. Why would I do such a thing? Well, because the post is in part about starting the day off by avoiding the cell phone and the internet as a way to promote healthier habits. As with several prior posts, you’ve … Continue reading Go here; read this

A Written Blog Post

Starting to examine how much of my day is spent in front of a screen and that stat becomes a slap in my face. TV, computers, tablets, and phones all count. It is staggering. As I vented yesterday in my posting, being tuned-in is a constant problem in my life. But what ends up being … Continue reading A Written Blog Post

Know Thyself

I didn’t fall off the horse, per-say. In a manner of speaking, I willingly got off (that horse being writing and posting) when I saw that my life was getting too stressful to attempt to manage my hobby as well. For the last two weeks I have had a busy life. Not unmanageable, just busy … Continue reading Know Thyself