an odd tool

It’s not so odd really. There’s an entire world on youtube devoted to it. It’s a tool that helps me relax. Movements. Sounds. All work together to produce these tingles that all up to a few years ago I thought didn’t have a name.

ASMR. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s the feeling of tingles felt in a person’s head or spine brought on by sounds or movements. They promote a calming reaction. For me that is no different.

Over the last few year however, I’ve been steadily losing my ability to feel anything. Triggers, as they are often referred to, have become increasingly rare. But despite that lack of response, the videos on youtube have continued to help battle against my stress and anxiety, often being used to fall asleep rather than the tingles. And that alone is helpful.

But I do want to feel those tingles again.

And boy has it been one of those weeks…

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