In The Numbers

It took 5 days, but I finally hit my goal of 1,000 words written of fiction on the 5th. I am not sure why it’s 1,000 words. I guess I came up with that as a simple round number that was more than attainable. Given that if I sit down and focus, I can achieve … Continue reading In The Numbers

Institutional Decay

What are institutions for? What grants their authority? Why should we listen to them? These and many other questions can be asked by someone similar to me, someone with a mindset of continual questioning. Or maybe someone who trends against authority. I have a skeptical mindset, often wanting to question the reasons why things are … Continue reading Institutional Decay

Can Me Write Good?

Ah, a reoccurring theme. I’ve written on this before, and I am certain that I will explore this topic many more times after this entry too. What is good writing? Am I a good writer? Or asked a better way: can good write me? I am certain that this question enters the minds of a … Continue reading Can Me Write Good?