Mightier is the Pen

Mightier is the Pena poem by Jeremy C Kester If I could step awayIndiff’rent to this dayWould I be stronger thenAs to sword is the pen?Could I grow tougher stillAgainst my ego’s will?As if he wasn’t meBlind I in mirrors see Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2019 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved


There’s 23 days until the new year. That’s 3 weeks until the rush of the population to create a list of things that they want to change. It’s 3 weeks until everyone will spend a few hours trying to show to everyone else (or most notably: themselves) that they are serious for once, that this … Continue reading Resolve


"Blocked"a short story by Jeremy C Kester (all rights reserved) She was quiet as she looked at the dish in front of her. I wasn’t paying much attention to her as Instagram had my attention piercing my brain through the digitized images transferred to the screen of my phone. Honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered much … Continue reading Blocked