It is strange sometimes as to how the world works. How common strands weave their way through life tying various seemingly unrelated things together. It is no wonder that sometimes it is so easy to see the world as operating through fate, destiny, or divine providence. Often they are just small things, things that might … Continue reading Serendipity

Pantser Dilemma

I’ve been struggling lately and it took me a few days to fully grasp why. I’m not talking personally, although one could correlate some anxieties to the issues I’ve been facing. Missing days of writing goals, purposefully or not, is hardly the end of the world. Stress will still come though. Even when knowing the … Continue reading Pantser Dilemma

From Deleted to Updated

Last night I spent an hour at least searching through my site. I was determined. Determined to find the stories and poems I failed to categorize and title properly. Why? So they could be removed.More and more and more as I ponder just what is going on with my writing life, the more I am … Continue reading From Deleted to Updated

Absorbing The Scent – a poem

"Absorbing The Scent"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Tending the gardenthe flowersbeauty surroundsand fallsthe petals not enoughto secure my lustbut to clip the flowerthe stem from which I takeand wish to placeinsideand steal it to my pocketto keep the beauty for meand none elsebut why do we stealsuch as I play with my fingersto absorb … Continue reading Absorbing The Scent – a poem