Blessed… and Cursed

I wanted to deal with a single topic in today’s post. Not that any of my other posts deal with a multitude of topics, but I just wanted to look at one thing today. That thing is one feature that I am slowly coming to the realization is harming my ability to move forward. Being …

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It’s Been a Strange Week

Not bad; not good. This week has been kindof strange for me. Things are calming down a little though as one more item is now in the rear-view mirror. It's time to get back to focusing on my writing, as should have been the case this whole time.


I didn’t think that I needed to be reminded. But we all need the reminders. The reminder came to me as I was sitting in the terminal to the airport, waiting for the flight that had already been the replacement to an earlier flight that was cancelled. This new flight became delayed. So delayed that …

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