5am Start

Nearly two weeks have passed since deciding on a change. For two weeks I’ve been waking up at 5am every day. No matter what. Even on the weekends, that time when adults and children alike can shun the disciplines of daily life. I opt to instead shove myself out of bed, two and a half … Continue reading 5am Start

Be Disciplined

I saved the best for last. Well… it’s not the best so much as one of the toughest of the four statements that I write every day in my journal. Like I said in my prior three posts, right after I dump myself out of bed, get dressed, and then start the coffee maker (which … Continue reading Be Disciplined

Good Habits Die Easy

Resurrecting good habits has been on my mind lately. Specifically I speak of some old writing habits that I had in the past. Even the recent past. Two come to mind as habits that I should look into bringing back: writing 100 words every time I log onto a computer and writing 500 words before … Continue reading Good Habits Die Easy