To Sleep – a poem

"To Sleep"a poem by Jeremy C Kester sleep will comepaid with words bledfrom fingertipsand sanitypouring out other worldsinto pixel and paperbut sleep will comeeyes wary and closingslipping by those worldsletting them restas it is time to restbecause sleep will come Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2021 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

5am Start

Nearly two weeks have passed since deciding on a change. For two weeks I’ve been waking up at 5am every day. No matter what. Even on the weekends, that time when adults and children alike can shun the disciplines of daily life. I opt to instead shove myself out of bed, two and a half … Continue reading 5am Start

Book Review: The Sleep Solution by W Chris Winter, MD

This review also appears on Amazon and Goodreads As someone who doesn’t sleep well, who was diagnosed with apnea, seeing the title of this book caused an immediate need to shove aside all other books I was reading at the time and open this one up. I am glad I did. Now, admittedly, I did … Continue reading Book Review: The Sleep Solution by W Chris Winter, MD