Can I Cut the Caffeine?

I love coffee. I mean I genuinely love the flavor of it. Tea as well. (Black, nothing added for both.) Were I able to, I would drink it at all hours of the day. The problem? Too much caffeine.

This morning I woke up at 4am to get ready for the gym and then my job. Getting up that early is not always easy. In fact up until this morning, 90% of the time I had to drag myself out kicking and screaming (quietly so I don’t wake my wife). I would then have to figuratively hook up an IV drip of coffee to handle my day. This morning, however, I was perfectly awake. And I didn’t feel as though I needed the brew. Wanted it: yes. Needed it: not so much.

Since the end of November last year, I dramatically cut back on the amount of carbs I consume. It’s helped me to lose 35 lbs so far. Better still is that I’ve noticed that my energy level has been… well… level. I wouldn’t say that I have been more or less energetic. Maybe a little more alert, but overall I don’t experience drops in my energy. It’s even keel. And lately that has gotten me wondering.

Now I’ve never slept well. Part of the way I’ve managed that is to cut caffeine by noon. Then 11am. Now I have been restricting myself to 1 “refill” of my coffee mug after I finish the little 4 cup coffee pot I use during the week. That means I’ve been done around 9 to 10am. This cutting back though has gotten me to wonder why I am still insisting to drink the stuff.

Oh yeah… I like the flavors.

But why not go to decaf then? I am thinking I might.

Coffee and caffeine do have health benefits (when in moderation). With some people, however, caffeine can really disturb their nervous system and metabolism. While I don’t get the jitters, I know I sleep poorly. Coffee has to be contributing negatively to some degree.

Being 38, I am trying to ensure that I get myself to a good place health-wise. Not that I am in poor health, but I am certainly not in good health. I am just there. Cutting caffeine has become part of that conversation that I must have. I mean, I really fucking love coffee. But is it worth being a purist, insisting on those glorious dark roasts and insisting nothing be added to enjoy all of those subtle flavors? Decaf does have a different taste, thanks to the processes used to displace the caffeine, but it isn’t terrible.

Given that my state keep improving, I will be considering it soon. Start treating caffeinated coffee like I do my love for craft beer and bourbon: it’s OK to have once in a while… not every day.

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