It happened two days ago. While dozing off in the evening after trying to get the motivation to sit in front of the computer — or maybe even get a tablet and a pen — I got up and went for a run. It was a brief run, but it was a run nonetheless. I … Continue reading Running

Almost Fit Time

I need to work on getting healthier. Don’t most of us? Last month I started treatment for a sleep disorder, and while my sleeping has been getting somewhat better, it still has room to improve. The trick is that I have the ability to improve it. It requires losing weight. I’ve done it before. I … Continue reading Almost Fit Time

It Can Wait. Or Can It?

Life is all about choices. Choices create the path we lead. Many times, we don’t understand that these decisions that we make have consequences beyond just the idea of having a cookie or not. Seems overly simple, but it is these tiny choices that add up to bigger life issues. Part of what my wife … Continue reading It Can Wait. Or Can It?