Reducing Intake: Coffee

I’ve been cutting back on my coffee. Not much. Right now it is only by 1 cup a day (aka 2 coffee cups or 10oz’s). And even then, there’s been a little left in the pot when I wash it out.

The point is that there’s been a lot in my life that’s been rearing its ugly head in the months since turning 40. I am not sure whether it’s my getting older so my body is legitimately falling apart or if it is just that I am noticing it now. Either way, I have to start fighting back while I am still (relatively) young.

Coffee is where I am starting. On its own coffee is not an issue, especially since I drink it black. However, when drinking a whole pot… we’ll leave it as that it is too much.

Slowly, I’ll be slapping myself back into shape as well, turning to the track and the gym to hold back the progression of that beer belly that is beginning to make itself known.

Heading things off at the pass, before they get too far gone, is my goal. I was in shape two years ago. I was healthy two years ago. It’s time to reclaim that.

2 responses to “Reducing Intake: Coffee”

  1. I think this is amazing! What a great place to start towards getting more healthy. I wish you good luck with this.

    Coffee really helps get through the day, but it can also harm your mood a lot. I don’t know about you but I get really antsy… and really irritated.

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    1. Thanks for the well wishes!

      Yeah, not only everything you just said about it, but then there’s also how it influences my sleep. As much as I love it, too much is too much.


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