Almost Fit Time

I need to work on getting healthier. Don’t most of us?

Last month I started treatment for a sleep disorder, and while my sleeping has been getting somewhat better, it still has room to improve. The trick is that I have the ability to improve it. It requires losing weight.

I’ve done it before. I had a long stretch where I exercised daily and was in fairly decent shape. I was 30 pounds lighter than I am today and had a good bit more muscle mass than too. The trick is getting the motivation to do it. There’s a large part of me that just doesn’t care. And that’s not to say that I don’t care about being healthy or fit, just that it hasn’t been very high on my priority list lately.

That’ll shift though. I am working on moving it to a higher position. Writing of course takes the top spot and that’s not going to move. But I am not writing all day. There continue to be slow points in the day where I am not doing much of anything — plenty of time to manage to get back into a fitness regiment.

I’ll get there. Someday soon.

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