Too Much Choice?

I sometimes wonder if I have too much choice. I wonder if because I can see so much more, that I have access to seeing an infinite amount of things, that it is actually more of a problem. I wonder if I become stubborn in my thinking because there are too many opinions out there. Am I drowning in too much?

It might be part of what is going on with society, why it seems that no matter which side that you are on, the other side is acting the fool. It might be why so many of us seem lost, or that conversely we cling to a single thing with a death grip to which even Superman would struggle to release. The interest gave us access to an infinite amount of information, yet we can only handle so much. There’s no way for any of us to know everything. The global economy gave us access to so many choices that it becomes impossible to experience it all, so we limit ourselves to what we know. Oh, there’s a Target in this town? That’s where I’m shopping. Yet at the same time we can’t seem to lock down choices because there’s simply too many options and what if we make the wrong choice?

Maybe that’s why we are becoming more and more cookie-cutter. Maybe there’s too much choice in the world, all thrust upon us from all directions, that we can’t compute it all, so we close down and lock up.

I don’t imagine that it explains everything, but what if it at least explains part of it? Then, how could we back it off, just enough, to give us a moment to breathe? Can we? Should we?

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