Be Disciplined

I saved the best for last. Well… it’s not the best so much as one of the toughest of the four statements that I write every day in my journal. Like I said in my prior three posts, right after I dump myself out of bed, get dressed, and then start the coffee maker (which … Continue reading Be Disciplined

Be The Example

There are four things that are written into my journal at the start of each day. When I finish pulling myself out of bed, getting dressed, and then starting the coffee maker, I open up my journal and begin writing. Four statements must go down onto paper first. I wrote about the first the other … Continue reading Be The Example

Writing Will Set Me Free

On the heels of the post I made the other day about the first thing that I write in my journal each day, I decided to share the next three statements too. Together, it makes the first four statements that I write each day in my journal before anything else is done (short of getting … Continue reading Writing Will Set Me Free