Keep The Good Start

It’s been a few weeks now. Most of the days have started normal in that nothing out of the ordinary takes place. Occasionally, there’s a number of things that come into play that could potentially disrupt what routines I have built: writing in my journal and reading (while drinking my coffee). Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep these two habits strong, limiting their interruptions.

Strong starting habits have always been my anchors in the day. When I’ve abandoned them, I’ve been adrift for some time, depending on what those habits were meant to anchor. In this case, these are habits that are meant to anchor me to all situations. Writing in my journal helps to sort my thoughts and reading helps me to learn (even if that reading is fiction). Both help to calm my mind at the beginning, not allowing me to get absorbed into social media or videos or video games or what-have-you.

These must be kept. They must be kept strong. Barring extreme circumstances, writing and reading at the start of every day will remain as my anchors. At the start. Before anything else can begin each day. Except coffee. Coffee actually always comes first.

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