Writing Will Set Me Free

On the heels of the post I made the other day about the first thing that I write in my journal each day, I decided to share the next three statements too. Together, it makes the first four statements that I write each day in my journal before anything else is done (short of getting dressed and starting the coffee maker— coffee is a priority). A post for each of them seems right, with this post dealing with the second statement. The second statement is:

“Writing will set me free.”

Am I trapped somewhere? Maybe. Far more metaphorical in meaning, the statement is to remind me of the importance that writing has, not that a reminder should be necessary. For me, writing is an act that spans many levels. It’s entertainment; it’s story telling; it’s conveying information; it’s thought; it’s those and more.

While there is much in life that I do wish to be free from, a job for example, it has more to do with the mindsets that follow me.

Writing is an act that helps to sort out ideas. As thoughts come to mind, writing helps to push them through, to work with them, shape them, mold them. It also banishes some thoughts into paper (or the coding within a computer file), locking them down so that they don’t have to occupy space in my mind. Where I get confused, writing helps to explore an answer, seeking out clarification on things that otherwise hide themselves.

While writing may gain me enough to gain me freedom from a job, it’s the freedom from other things that interests me. Each day in my journal I state that. Writing will set me free. We should all be seeking that freedom.

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