Changing Something

It’s late in the month and I finally realized that in that span, I changed 3 things in my habits:

  1. I started writing 1,000 words or more of fiction per day
  2. I continued to blog (almost) every day
  3. I stopped playing Dr Mario World

Upon realizing that I accomplished these things, I decided that it is almost time to turn it up a notch on the dial. There is still a lot to do to rebuild (or put more correctly, to actually start building) my writing career. Writing every day is a start, but it isn’t enough. Nor is blogging every day. (Dr Mario World was just a distraction I was able to cut ties with.) I need to do more.

Thinking back to a post I made not long ago, there were little habits I tried to build on my site. It would be nice to get them underway for once. Then there is the editing and revising that I should be doing. Then there are other projects and things I would like to start. I’d like to push ahead on this blog too. Maybe revisit the idea of a Patreon account? Who knows. Soon, I am going to be deciding on the next thing to add to my habits. Then, as I get used to it, and so long as it doesn’t compromise my other habits, I’ll push to add another. Then another.

Eventually, the hope is that everything will build upon itself rather than just be added tasks. We’ll see. Things are going well now. As long as I stick with it and don’t let myself get discouraged or overwhelmed, this could be a fun year of writing.

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