Bringing Back…

Blogging every day has resumed being a thing. Daily writing is slowly picking back up. As habits become more resilient, there are several things I tried in the past that I am thinking of trying to resurrect. Two things in particular are what I have in mind.

Posting a poem once a week is the first one. This was probably more sporadic than any of the other things I tried with the blog. I have hundreds of poems written over the years, and I write an average of a poem every two weeks. Maybe more like once every two months with spurts here and there. Poetry is a love of mine and a way to play with words and imagery. It’s more versatile in that way than standard prose. I would like to get back to a point where they are being written with enough frequency that I can post one (of half-decent quality) on the site each week. That’s a goal. Wednesday used to be the day. Maybe this week is a good start.

The other feature on the site I’d like to bring back is FFF — or better known by me as Free Fiction Friday. Each week I tried to post a short story or a piece of another work. The stories mostly were flash fiction pieces, generally between 100 and 1000 words. I’ve debated on a couple ways of doing this feature too. Some writers put pieces up only for the week until their next posting. Some leave them up permanently. Which to do isn’t so much of a question as I am sure that I will vacillate between the two methods, but who really knows yet.

Both features were ways of encouraging writing habits. They fell off in the past because of other projects or writer’s block. Or the quality was such that the belief was that no one would care to read them. As I work to push the writing towards lofty goals, it will be nice to see if I can bring these two pieces back. In fact, I’ve been debating on starting what some call “morning pages” which is a daily writing exercise to write some piece of whatever (in my case fiction) to grease the writing wheels. The goal is only putting something down, but maybe a piece of flash fiction a day? A high aim, sure, but the goal is only getting the wheels moving, not quality. I imagine though that maybe 1 of them each week might be good enough for a FFF… or at least enough of them to spatter in when necessary.

Keeping the blog moving forward is goal number 1 for now, though (as far as for this site). As nice as these two features are, they take time. This is why I am debating on ways to incorporate them into the habits— to have them be natural extensions of things already being done rather than something to distract or create more work. They would be nice to add, though. And I want to do it. I am sure that I can.

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