Who Needs Rules?

Over and over again this topic seems to pop up in my list of things to write about on this blog. It is almost like I am avoiding writing about other things, or that I am struggling for ideas on what to write. (Both are true.) No matter how many times that I hash out … Continue reading Who Needs Rules?


Continuing the theme of the last two days, I bought a few cheap notebooks the other day for the purpose of learning to outline and to start assembling some form of a style or information book to help me plan and track my projects. Already, perfectionism is getting in the way. The basic premise behind … Continue reading Perfectionism

A Brief Struggle

I’ve been struggling with this story that I am writing. Thus, for the last two days I’ve missed my targets. Doubt is creeping in as a result. It’s happened plenty times before and I am certain that it will happen again. This is only temporary. But to dismiss it as such will also be a … Continue reading A Brief Struggle

Is The Goal Worth It?

As the days build upon days, there is a question that arises I accumulate words in my fervor to become a self-sustaining independent writer. Is the goal worth the process? We often don’t think about that question. We fixate on the goal as though when we achieve it, things will magically change. Sometimes they do, … Continue reading Is The Goal Worth It?

Changing Something

It’s late in the month and I finally realized that in that span, I changed 3 things in my habits: I started writing 1,000 words or more of fiction per dayI continued to blog (almost) every dayI stopped playing Dr Mario World Upon realizing that I accomplished these things, I decided that it is almost … Continue reading Changing Something