Is The Goal Worth It?

As the days build upon days, there is a question that arises I accumulate words in my fervor to become a self-sustaining independent writer. Is the goal worth the process?

We often don’t think about that question. We fixate on the goal as though when we achieve it, things will magically change. Sometimes they do, but more often, nothing changes except that we have reached the goal. The process, the need to toil each and every day, will forever be there. If anything, as in the case of my writing, reaching the goal likely will mean that I must entrench myself further into the process. So if I don’t like toiling away for hours in front of a keyboard or with pen and paper, then what good is reaching the goal?

And what about if we never reach the goal? Is the process still worth it?

Fortunately for me, there is excitement in the process. I will happily write even if I never am able to achieve the goal of being a self-sustaining indie writer. Even if I never break through financially to make writing my sole career, I will continue to write. Yes. For me, the goal is definitely worth the process. Is it worth it to you?

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