A Brief Struggle

I’ve been struggling with this story that I am writing. Thus, for the last two days I’ve missed my targets. Doubt is creeping in as a result. It’s happened plenty times before and I am certain that it will happen again. This is only temporary. But to dismiss it as such will also be a problem.

Setbacks only occur when we give into the doubt, if we dismiss what is gnawing at us. It might be temporary, but that doesn’t mean that it is not important to understand. Why am I struggling now? What has changed these past few days, internally or externally of me, that brought this on? These are questions I now have to work through.

I am not going to let this be like other times before. I want to figure out why this happens so that I can work to fix it. That way I can make it temporary; I can make it so that it is only a mere pothole on the path I am taking. It won’t be easy, that I am certain. But ease isn’t why I write.

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