Cold Turkey

It was the other day when it finally happened. A game that had me in its grips lost that grip. It was like an epiphany stuck, a moment of eureka! that popped into my psyche. I no longer had interest in playing Dr. Mario World.

To be clear, for me that game was a rabid addiction. I played it all too frequently. The average screen time on my phone with that game went from less than 1 hour a day to well over 4, just from that game. Even as I was getting writing quotas in, 4 hours is simply unacceptable in my mind.

I’ve wanted to drop the game, and sometimes I was able to not play it when I otherwise would. Most days, most times however, I was unsuccessful in keeping myself off the game. Until the other day. Then I was just done.

I am unsure if I will never play the game again. I might. I might play it here and there. For now, until I can instill better discipline, I am using my sudden distaste to continue avoiding the game. Either way, the lack of the game has simultaneously presented me with extra time in my day as well as new problems to address. Either way, it’s not a complete win-win, but it’s damn close. Either way, I am happy to be finally quitting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but… it’s better to not let it impact my other passions.

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