UPDATE 10/15/2018: The links below will no longer work. I am deleting my Patreon page due to my inability to maintain it, and my desire to redirect efforts into other projects. In a nutshell, much like the text below suggests, I bit off more than I could chew again. Plus, I think that my goals in writing do not exist on a subscription-based platform. So, farewell, Patreon. (Note: I am not saying that I will never go back, but I am saying that I do not plan to.)


I have always been one to bite off far more than I was able to chew in terms of my ambition. It showed in many of the “I want to do [insert idea here]” and then taking all the preemptive steps to do said thing, but without building any of the foundational work to ensure sustainability.

In other words, I’d say I’d do something without making sure I was able to do it. Or I’d rush things out.

Well now it’s been 140 days since I put in a daily word count goal and aside from 2 days recently, I’ve hit that goal every day. (One day due to an over-full schedule of family time and one day to illness.) This means that I’ve gotten the first steps down.

During that time, I’d been trying to work in the idea of creating a Patreon account. Another avenue to share my work while raising funds to support my addiction. (My writing addiction.) That’s been a tough sell to me, as I’ve already failed at these other notions that I had worked on, such as this whole scheme of creating a webcomic, an atheists blog, a science blog, etc, etc.

It’s a little different this time.

I’ve decided to run a Patreon to support my writing. Only my writing. Keeping it small. At least for the near term. 1 short story between 1000 and 3000 words a month. Low levels of subscription. Nothing fancy. A place to further share my sometimes strange stories.

For those of whom are reading this going “what in hell is a Patreon?” it is a subscription service that allows creators to post their work for a fee, granting those who subscribe rewards for their patronage. In my case, you pay at least $1 a month and I provide a short story for your reading pleasure. (I know some webcomic artists who give early access to their daily comics, for example.) As the $ amount one chooses to pay goes up, the creator might be offering added bonuses.

Payment for that subscription (minus a minor fee) goes directly to me or whomever you are subscribing to.

One story is already done. July’s story. And July’s poem (the $2 level subscription). I am nearing completion on story number 2 for release in August. I have more stories queued. I’ve been able to write in tandem with my primary project, a novel or novella, for a little while. And keeping these stories under 3000 words, while challenging, should allow them to come monthly, also leaving room for me to push ahead.

I’ve been slowly working out the details, and expect to iron them out as I go along. But it’s already a done deal.

Come see me there for the exclusive content!

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