I Think I Am Back…

But not entirely. There are a few choices. The only question is which to make. These last few weeks I’ve been on hiatus from the act of updating this site (apart from the weekly poetry update). Part of the reasoning behind this was in being unsure of what I was still doing trying to write … Continue reading I Think I Am Back…

Ocean Waves – a poem

"Ocean Waves"a poem by Jeremy C Kester What would the ocean whisper?If it could talk to me?Its waves as songs of glories old,Spraying words upon my face.Can I hear them today?Not that I wish to beg.My ears have fallen victim,To echoes of pain,of desperate pleas for release.I want to be soothed again,Like a gentle newborn … Continue reading Ocean Waves – a poem

Lacking Depth – a poem

"Lacking Depth"a poem by Jeremy C Kester in shallow waters I wadegasping for airsucking for wind to fill lungstoo deep to swim and floatinstead I sinkwading in shallow poolsof misery reflected againstshimmering glowsif I could onlyput my fucking feet down For more poetry, consider purchasing a copy of Jeremy's collection: Change of Seasons: Selected Poems. … Continue reading Lacking Depth – a poem

Release of Words – a poem

"Release of Words"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Feel the burn from your fingertips,because it means nothing unless you feel it.The painful release of technology’s hold,pounding the keys to force ink to paper,the hammers your very sanitybeating your head up against the wall.But you will live,Oh, you’ll survive.Trying to make the next few words mean … Continue reading Release of Words – a poem