Simple Blog Post

Today there will be a simple blog post. I’ve been working on three larger essays that have been taking a lot of my other-than-fiction writing time: an essay on Tulsi Gabbard and leadership, one on Stoicism and secularism, and then one finally on Jordan B Peterson. My normal, short-targeted posts had to be placed on … Continue reading Simple Blog Post

Spring Cleaning

It’s not quite Spring, being but a few more days away from the official start, but as March comes around, Spring is on the mind as most people don’t think of the seasons from the Solstice and all, we think about it by months, and March, April, and May are the Spring months. Anyway, without … Continue reading Spring Cleaning


There is no easy way out. There’s no shortcut. There’s no single trick that will resolve the issue. There’s no one-step to success. Simply put: we have to put the work in. One of my favorites in this realm was the ol’ “5-Minute Abs” program from the 80s or 90s (I’m too lazy at the … Continue reading Easy

Trimming Length

My list of unplayed podcasts is growing long. Too long. Long enough that it is not only a distraction, but also a chore. There are a lot of them I listen to simply when working. Spreadsheets and data analysis work are very good for listening to episodes as I can listen just enough and pay … Continue reading Trimming Length