Habits can be a lot like writing a story. Each habit a simple word or phrase assembled together, each supposed to build upon the last. Bad habits become the sentences we placed in haste or laziness, or carelessness, or for the purpose of stroking ego, or any reason. We edit our lives, pruning habits and … Continue reading Building

They Sneak Back In

They are always waiting. Hidden in the shadows, they lurk, ready to sneak back in as soon as our attention is elsewhere. Before we know it, they are there taking away everything that we worked so hard to build. Bad habits have a way of making their way into our lives even after we’ve made … Continue reading They Sneak Back In

Changing Something

It’s late in the month and I finally realized that in that span, I changed 3 things in my habits: I started writing 1,000 words or more of fiction per dayI continued to blog (almost) every dayI stopped playing Dr Mario World Upon realizing that I accomplished these things, I decided that it is almost … Continue reading Changing Something

Beginning Habit 2

What we lack is a sense of personal leadership. Making sure we "begin every task with the end in mind," of being a leader of self is the primary lesson of habit 2. As I've continued to struggle implementing habit 1, being proactive, I decided to continue my reading of "The 7 Habits of Highly … Continue reading Beginning Habit 2