Taking Aim

Yesterday marked a full week that I’ve written over 1,000 words per day in fiction. My first writing streak this year. I knew that I could get back into the habit of writing. It was something I’ve been bemoaning about my inability to kick-start what I had proven capable of back in 2018. But now … Continue reading Taking Aim

What Is Good?

I did it. I finished another project, announcing the other day that I moved another story into the bin of yet-to-be-edited projects that I have been amassing these last two years. It is always a good feeling when I put that final pen stroke (or technically that final key stroke) onto the page of any … Continue reading What Is Good?

A Six-Month Plan

Last year, by September, I had completed six separate drafts. That’s six stories. Two novels; three novellas; one middle-grade book. Six. That’s a lot. And while I have those six stories waiting to be reviewed, revised, edited, and/or rewritten, I am trying to press forward once again to write more fiction outside of that revision … Continue reading A Six-Month Plan