Listening to an episode of the podcast,”Start With This“, I was confronted again with the concept of the disposability of art. In this particular episode (episode 8, “Art is disposable”) they were talking about the many things that they and others wrote that they eventually threw out. It was another angle on the idea ofContinue reading “Erase”

Blessed… and Cursed

I wanted to deal with a single topic in today’s post. Not that any of my other posts deal with a multitude of topics, but I just wanted to look at one thing today. That thing is one feature that I am slowly coming to the realization is harming my ability to move forward. BeingContinue reading “Blessed… and Cursed”

I know nothing…

and I don’t care (or do I care?). Let’s face this one simple fact, or rather, let me face this one simple fact: I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I really don’t. Before you take to the races with assumptions, I am talking about writing. Storytelling. Novel writing. Blogging… the whole kit-n-kaboodle.Continue reading “I know nothing…”

Learning the Business End

I love writing. I love to splash ink (or pixels) onto a page into an orderly fashion that resembles in some way… a story. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years in bursts and sputters and what I’d like to be doing for however many years I continue to live. In many ways, IContinue reading “Learning the Business End”

And Then There Were Two…

The task of rewriting Of Earth and Ice, the monster 171,000 word draft I had finished writing last year, has begun. More or less, the writing itself is slower in progress than that of the new outline. Frankly, I didn’t take the story where I wanted to take it. Now, in the revision, I canContinue reading “And Then There Were Two…”