Us vs Them

It seems too daunting to even approach. This modern cynicism that appeared to culminate with the election of Donald Trump continues to grow in this country. This “us vs them” mentality. You are with us or you are against us. What the hell does that even mean? It doesn’t matter which side of the political … Continue reading Us vs Them

Am I a Good Writer?

In short: Fuck no! Now that I have the vulgarity out of the way, it is time to take that question and examine it. A person involved in any creative craft will often ask themselves that very question, just taking the “writer” and replacing it with said craft. For example, the question could be “Am … Continue reading Am I a Good Writer?

Learning the Slow Game

News will trick you. It does to me. A lot. Particularly in the world of published works, success stories, and the like. It tricks me because I almost want to be tricked. Those “overnight” successes, I want them to be true, because I want to be one of them. (Yes, even despite my prior post … Continue reading Learning the Slow Game

About the Books

One of the things as a writer, particularly an indie writer, that I feel that I must learn to become more skilled at, is talking about my books. Why? Because inevitably when some person approaches me and asks me what I write about, I get flustered and usually end up speaking in overly generic terms. … Continue reading About the Books

You’re either with me…

...or I don't care. There’s a funny thing happening to me as I write more: I am caring less and less whether I make it big. At all. That seems funny, but at least at this point it is true. Sure, there is that drive that I want to be able to make my living … Continue reading You’re either with me…