The Lesson I Needed

As one can easily discern from the multitude of posts I’ve made in the last 10 months, I’ve struggled a great deal to regain the pace I was writing at last year. Not even the pace, the simple practice of writing each day. Between the decision to stop so that I could focus on the … Continue reading The Lesson I Needed


For today’s blog post I am going to point everyone to someone else’s blog and a podcast too. First, this one is for other writers. Go to Hugh Howey’s site for two of his latest blogs. Writing Insights Part One: Becoming a Writer Writing Insights Part Two: The Rough Draft They are long, sure. But … Continue reading Recommendations

Curse You, Hugh Howey!

It can be seen as a standard interview question: who do you picture when you think about what success looks like? For me, one of the people that pop into my mind first is Hugh Howey. For those who haven’t already googled Hugh, here’s a quick byte on who he is: Hugh is the bestselling … Continue reading Curse You, Hugh Howey!

Learning the Slow Game

News will trick you. It does to me. A lot. Particularly in the world of published works, success stories, and the like. It tricks me because I almost want to be tricked. Those “overnight” successes, I want them to be true, because I want to be one of them. (Yes, even despite my prior post … Continue reading Learning the Slow Game

Just Read It

I love Chuck Palahniuk. When grabbing his work, I can be sure that I will enjoy what I am about to read. From "Fight Club," to "Invisible Monsters," to "Beautiful You," I have rarely been disappointed. There’s good reason he’s been one of my favorite writers, and an inspiration to how I approach my own … Continue reading Just Read It