Foundation Work

I had planned for another post today about looking at life through a positive lens, but I decided that I needed to write this one first, cutting it into the line. Positivity will come next Tuesday. Coming on the heels of my last post about not waiting to change, I have continued to struggle thisContinue reading “Foundation Work”

The One Tip to Find Your Writing Voice

Of the many things that we all desire when we are writing is to find the voice. It’s that piece of you that permeates the pages of what you write, telling the person reading that even if they didn’t see your name, they know it is from you. But how does one find their voice?Continue reading “The One Tip to Find Your Writing Voice”

An Evening with Aaron Blabey

I had another post in mind, but I decided that it was better to talk about tonight. Tonight, my wife and I took our son to see his favorite writer, the man who’s name appears in the title: Aaron Blabey. Aaron writes the very popular middle-grade stories “The Bad Guys.” They are funny, outlandish storiesContinue reading “An Evening with Aaron Blabey”

Slowing the Pace

Whoa! I have to slow myself down… in a manner of speaking. I’ve blogged about it before, I think on my old site before it had crashed. A friend had sent me a background for my desktop some time ago. A simple background, black with the words, “You keep finding flaws in your writing becauseContinue reading “Slowing the Pace”

Slowing Acceleration

There’s a fear that is tagging along behind my quest to increase my daily creative output, including word count. Unlike my normal fear of failure, this one is tricky, because it doesn’t seem as obvious. It is tricky because it often catches me because I am too elated or excited to understand that it isContinue reading “Slowing Acceleration”