And Then There Were Two…

The task of rewriting Of Earth and Ice, the monster 171,000 word draft I had finished writing last year, has begun. More or less, the writing itself is slower in progress than that of the new outline. Frankly, I didn’t take the story where I wanted to take it. Now, in the revision, I can … Continue reading And Then There Were Two…

Upcoming Releases

I’ve written a lot lately. Over 200,000 words of fiction this year so far… which is insane when I think about it. But what that’s enabled me to do is to start completing the first drafts to a ton of projects. Right now, there are a number of projects I am readying for release or … Continue reading Upcoming Releases

First Draft Complete!

I am finished! Done! Complete! At least the first draft. Yesterday I finally finished the first draft for the full novel for Of Earth and Ice, my sci-fi dystopia where humanity has moved underground to protect themselves from a planet that has frozen over. At 171,118 words, it took a LOT of effort to finish. … Continue reading First Draft Complete!

Random Thoughts on Writing My Next Book

I am closing in on the completion of the 1st draft of my next novel. Actually, it’s my finally completing what I had started when I pompously decided to put out Part 1: Loss of Limb… Wait, I didn’t even give you the name of the novel really. My mistake. I should preface these things … Continue reading Random Thoughts on Writing My Next Book