Writing the Excuses 1 – The Rewrites

In keeping with the suggestion I made for myself in my post, “In The Numbers”, I am going to go over the 4 excuses that Dean Wesley Smith listed in his own article that inspired the aforementioned post. In this post, I’ll go over the 1st excuse: “Excuse #1… What about rewrites? If you are … Continue reading Writing the Excuses 1 – The Rewrites

Blessed… and Cursed

I wanted to deal with a single topic in today’s post. Not that any of my other posts deal with a multitude of topics, but I just wanted to look at one thing today. That thing is one feature that I am slowly coming to the realization is harming my ability to move forward. Being … Continue reading Blessed… and Cursed

And Then There Were Two…

The task of rewriting Of Earth and Ice, the monster 171,000 word draft I had finished writing last year, has begun. More or less, the writing itself is slower in progress than that of the new outline. Frankly, I didn’t take the story where I wanted to take it. Now, in the revision, I can … Continue reading And Then There Were Two…

Five Projects

Five is really too many. I have five projects that need to be edited, revised, beta-read, and then revised again: Gravity 4 Gravity 5 Antlers Soar Of Earth and Ice It’s roughly 275,000 words of writing overall that I need to go through. And that doesn’t count the numerous short stories I’ve been working through. … Continue reading Five Projects

Revise, Re-Edit, Re-Release

It’ll be coming soon. At least in a few months it will be. Whether or not that is soon for you depends on whether or not you have kids. What I am referring to however is Gravity book #4 is nearing completion of its 1st draft. That and #5 as well. Hopefully I will be … Continue reading Revise, Re-Edit, Re-Release