Revise, Re-Edit, Re-Release

It’ll be coming soon. At least in a few months it will be. Whether or not that is soon for you depends on whether or not you have kids. What I am referring to however is Gravity book #4 is nearing completion of its 1st draft. That and #5 as well. Hopefully I will be able to get it edited quickly and better than previous books so I can eject these two into the world speedily. Before I do that though, there is something else I want to do.

Book 1: Remember the Yorktown

Being an indie-writer, there comes a few perks that aren’t shared in the normal publishing world. Of those perks, the one I am interested in is the ability to constantly revise and re-edit works. Even after their initial releases. Normally, I wouldn’t advise such things in the spirit of letting the art be the art. But given my limited resources and more limited sales, it becomes almost an effort of trial and error. As errors crop up (a result of not being able to afford proper editing) I can make the needed corrections quickly.

For those covers I am not thrilled with, I can sit on the while I come with an idea that I am not only happier with, but I can execute.

There’s also another reason I am choosing to consider this: remember my post about outlining? Well, I need to rebuild my outline for Gravity as well as the character tracking spreadsheet. I should do this before I go any further in the story. Gravity has gotten to roughly 120,000 words in total so far, and there is a lot to cover. I want choices that I made in 4 and 5 to be in keeping with 1, 2, and 3. There’s also another thing I would like to add. Extra content. What content? Ship diagrams, lists of ships with who is on them, character bios perhaps… there’s a few ideas popping around in my head.

Over the next few months I’ll be re-releasing all 3 current Gravity books with the added content while I work on books 4 and 5. Stay tuned!

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