Running – a short story

"Running"a flash-fiction short story by Jeremy C KesterPart of Free Fiction Fridays She was running for her life. She did not know what was following her. If anything was following her. Whatever it was, it felt more real than imagination. They thought the planet was uninhabited. That proved to be inaccurate. Her entire team dead, … Continue reading Running – a short story

And Then There Were Two…

The task of rewriting Of Earth and Ice, the monster 171,000 word draft I had finished writing last year, has begun. More or less, the writing itself is slower in progress than that of the new outline. Frankly, I didn’t take the story where I wanted to take it. Now, in the revision, I can … Continue reading And Then There Were Two…

Getting Close

I am getting close. I’ve eclipsed 140,000 words on my project Of Earth and Ice. I am looking at finishing the first draft somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 words. So I am close. Very close. What’s got me now is the looming point of starting another project. This used to be such an easy … Continue reading Getting Close

Ebook Sale Begins Today!

May the 4th be with you! Starting today, all my ebook works are going on sale! See the links below! I have 3 for free and another 5 for only $0.99 apiece. That means for $4.95 you can own all the terrible writing I've put out so far! (Or just grab the free stuff and … Continue reading Ebook Sale Begins Today!

An Upcoming Sale!

I have slacked off on this for too long, so instead of a normal post, I have decided to announce that it is time that I put everything ebook on sale! Everything! Starting Friday, May 4th, all my ebooks will be on sale. Here’s the list: From May 4th through May 8th, the following ebooks … Continue reading An Upcoming Sale!