Ebook Sale Begins Today!

May the 4th be with you! Starting today, all my ebook works are going on sale! See the links below! I have 3 for free and another 5 for only $0.99 apiece. That means for $4.95 you can own all the terrible writing I've put out so far! (Or just grab the free stuff and … Continue reading Ebook Sale Begins Today!

An Upcoming Sale!

I have slacked off on this for too long, so instead of a normal post, I have decided to announce that it is time that I put everything ebook on sale! Everything! Starting Friday, May 4th, all my ebooks will be on sale. Here’s the list: From May 4th through May 8th, the following ebooks … Continue reading An Upcoming Sale!

Hey, Publishers! You’re doing it wrong.

Yes. It’s me. I am that pesky, no-named, unknown, little independent writer. I am that beligerant sonofabitch who believed myself too good for the system and got in bed with Amazon in order to sell my crappy books. Yes. It’s me. I am here to tell you that you are doing it wrong. Far be … Continue reading Hey, Publishers! You’re doing it wrong.

If Only Amazon Would Do These…

Amazon is a fantastic platform. Specifically, I am talking about the Kindle and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). As an independent writer I have not found a service or platform that outperforms Amazon or is better suited for readers and writers alike. That being said, there are a few things that I’d like to see added … Continue reading If Only Amazon Would Do These…

One Week Away

It’s only a week away! Starting on the 23rd two of my books will be on sale! The ebook version of Remember the Yorktown will be FREE and the ebook version of The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle will be on sale for $0.99!! I am toying with the idea of putting more books on … Continue reading One Week Away