Sales and Updates

Good news first! I am having some sales on my ebooks in the coming weeks. It will kick off with two great deals over Thanksgiving. Starting Thursday, November 23, Remember the Yorktown, part 1 of my Gravity saga will be free and will remain so for 5 days! Also tagging along, The Dangerous Life of … Continue reading Sales and Updates

Fixing Something I Missed

I read today that one of the most important elements to any author website is having said author’s books seen easily on any page. Well shit. I was doing something wrong. But that has changed now. As those reading this on my page and not in a reader will have seen is that my sidebar … Continue reading Fixing Something I Missed

Before Conclusions

Earlier today I was pointed to an article linked off The Passive Voice where it was asserted that sales of ebooks were again floundering in favor of print books, particularly in the realm of children’s books. The immediate conclusion was that children were getting fatigued from screen exposure. While I’d be excited by the prospects … Continue reading Before Conclusions

Why you should buy and read my books

Let’s face it: authors need to sell their work. We are all vying for the attention of you, the reader. And rightfully so. You are like the girl we’ve been dreaming to ask out to the prom. Why should you care though? What makes me and my work so great that you should choose me … Continue reading Why you should buy and read my books

Learning the Slow Game

News will trick you. It does to me. A lot. Particularly in the world of published works, success stories, and the like. It tricks me because I almost want to be tricked. Those “overnight” successes, I want them to be true, because I want to be one of them. (Yes, even despite my prior post … Continue reading Learning the Slow Game