Why you should buy and read my books

Let’s face it: authors need to sell their work. We are all vying for the attention of you, the reader. And rightfully so. You are like the girl we’ve been dreaming to ask out to the prom.

Why should you care though? What makes me and my work so great that you should choose me over someone like JK Rowling, EL James, or James Patterson, or [insert famous writer here]? I mean, we know what to expect from them. Both in quality of writing and in style. Some, like Chuck Palahniuk can jar you while some like Nicholas Sparks will make you cry. They are known quantities.

So why this indie-writer? Why me? Why should you read my books? Why should you read me over JK Rowling?

First off, read them too. I wouldn’t dare ever tell you not to read someone. I might tell you that I did not like a book written by said writer, but I would never say not to try it for yourself.

I just want you to bring me to the party. Add me to the invite list. I promise, I am not going to be that creeper lurking in the corner or the drunken mess being a complete ass making you wonder why you invited me. I, like many of my indie counterparts, do have a lot to add.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let me begin on the very reasons you should buy my books.

  • I am independent; I am not commercial. I don’t have to impress anyone but you, the reader.
  • My books run cheaper (price, not quality – though there is argument there) than most mainstream books, particularly when talking ebooks, which many are only $0.99.
  • I am not afraid to take risks both in story and with characters. See the top point as to why.
  • I can and will be releasing more than one title a year. Possibly up to 4 or more at times.
  • Longer than a short story but shorter than a novel, they make for quicker reads. They are low-fat or low-carb (pending on your dietary target) novels. Or you can call them high-protein short stories. I plan to write a lot of these. Three are already out.
  • My books won’t get backlisted. I don’t ever plan on removing them since I have full ownership. While you might come to a point that my books hopefully will find their way to a used book store, new copies will always be available to purchase of ALL my books.
  • Agnes Pyle kicks ass. Read the story. Safiya is a particular bad-ass in there. Girls and swords. What more can you want?
  • Gravity is a good sci-fi saga. I am mostly through writing books 4 & 5. The first 3 books are novellas and are fairly quick reads. I insist on selling the ebook versions at $0.99 each. Even my wife, who HATES sci-fi, read it and liked it. I swear she told me that she wasn’t being nice. (She told me I am special.) In all seriousness though, I’ve had very favorable reviews for the saga’s story.
  • The Good Teacher is about a terrible person. Seriously, I wrote a book in the 1st person with an unwritten conceit that you can’t trust the person telling you the story is being honest with you.
  • I don’t follow a genre. In other words, I write what I want to write. Sometimes sci-fi, sometimes fantasy, sometime thrillers, who knows! But the genre is always just the envelope that I use to deliver a story that will always be about people.
  • I am always open to improving what I write. The books today might not be as good as one would hope, but expect to continue to see improvement. I take this craft as serious business.
  • Free content. Like several of my indie counterparts, a portion of my writing will be free to read. Stuff that ordinary (and more self-respecting) writers might shelf, I am willing to just put out into the ethos for free. In fact, I am working on getting my 1st written novel, a supernatural thriller I really didn’t want to publish, edited and readied to be the reward just for signing up for me email list. In ebook (pdf) format of course, but still.
  • Because I suggested it.

I hope you enjoyed my fun little exercise in talking myself up. To be blunt, the reality is that one doesn’t know whether any writer will impact them, whether the writing or story will be enjoyable unless one opens the book and starts to read. So read on! Pick up an indie book from anyone (including me) and give it a try. You might be surprised.


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