Fixing Something I Missed

I read today that one of the most important elements to any author website is having said author’s books seen easily on any page. Well shit. I was doing something wrong. But that has changed now.

As those reading this on my page and not in a reader will have seen is that my sidebar on the site had only my Goodreads page, my social media links (the icons), a searchbar, and my Facebook page. Nothing else. Certainly not my books. I thought that having the links up and available in the menu bar would be enough. Yeah… right.

I had to face it: I rarely go searching through the links for the books an author writes when visiting their site. I click pictures of the books on the sidebar. Well, wait a second…

I fixed that now. What you’ll see now is a link to my first book in my Gravity saga, Remember the Yorktown, The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle, The Good Teacher, and Change of Seasons all on the side, taking you directly to Amazon where you can get them, which I encourage you to do.

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