Fixing Something I Missed

I read today that one of the most important elements to any author website is having said author’s books seen easily on any page. Well shit. I was doing something wrong. But that has changed now. As those reading this on my page and not in a reader will have seen is that my sidebar … Continue reading Fixing Something I Missed

About the book: Gravity Saga

It’s way later than I wanted to start, but as promised, here is post 1 about my stories. To kick it all off, I am going to write a 3-for-1 post about my science fiction saga: Gravity. Gravity as it stands for now is 3 books. Those books are: Remember the Yorktown Awakening of a … Continue reading About the book: Gravity Saga

A Gravitational Dilemma

I wrote a post about novellas a while ago. I like novellas. There’s a nice balance in that format between being faster to read but still retaining a good amount of content. It’s partly why I chose to write my sci-fi series Gravity in that format. Then came book 4. I am still writing. And … Continue reading A Gravitational Dilemma

Novella Ideas

I wrote earlier about how I like novellas, how they are making a comeback, and why I tend to see that as all good. Short, concise, and counter to the long, overwritten, intimidating books we often have seen in the last few decades. I mean, books got long! Sure, there’ve always been classics that were … Continue reading Novella Ideas

Why I Like Novellas

I mentioned it in a prior post an article that stated there was a growing popularity with novellas. I like that this is the case. Novellas are a favorite format of mine to write. In fact, my scifi series Gravity is comprised of novellas. And I am debating on converting my two former web serials … Continue reading Why I Like Novellas