Fixing Something I Missed

I read today that one of the most important elements to any author website is having said author’s books seen easily on any page. Well shit. I was doing something wrong. But that has changed now. As those reading this on my page and not in a reader will have seen is that my sidebar … Continue reading Fixing Something I Missed

Revise, Re-Edit, Re-Release

It’ll be coming soon. At least in a few months it will be. Whether or not that is soon for you depends on whether or not you have kids. What I am referring to however is Gravity book #4 is nearing completion of its 1st draft. That and #5 as well. Hopefully I will be … Continue reading Revise, Re-Edit, Re-Release

Introducing Star Wars

Whenever I mentioned that I planned to introduce my son to Star Wars, inevitably I would be asked what order I am showing. The average person, in other words- someone not a die-hard Star Wars fan, might find that question a little odd. After all, don’t you show movies from beginning to end? Nope. At … Continue reading Introducing Star Wars