Getting Close

I am getting close. I’ve eclipsed 140,000 words on my project Of Earth and Ice. I am looking at finishing the first draft somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 words. So I am close. Very close.

What’s got me now is the looming point of starting another project. This used to be such an easy endeavor. It’s how I have had so many open projects all at once. It is so often easier to start something than it is to finish it.

But now as I am finishing one thing, I am looking to start another thing… in order to finish it. And that is scary.

Of Earth and Ice has been a great experiment in getting myself to write consistently in a greater quantity than I have in the past. 1000 words a day. Minimum. It’s worked exceedingly well. I feel that I am one step closer to having the toolsets needed to be a monetarily self-sustained writer. And while it isn’t a huge step, it is an immensely important step.

But there are a lot of other steps that I continue to stumble on. How close am I really?

One of the many things that I am learning is that although I am close to finishing one phase, everything else will still stay the same: I will keep writing. That’s for certain.

So why am I worrying? Close, far. Whether I am done with a project or not doesn’t matter. I’ll keep writing anyway.


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