First Draft Complete!

I am finished! Done! Complete!

At least the first draft.

Yesterday I finally finished the first draft for the full novel for Of Earth and Ice, my sci-fi dystopia where humanity has moved underground to protect themselves from a planet that has frozen over.

At 171,118 words, it took a LOT of effort to finish. But I did it. FINALLY. And about time too. Having put out the first part in 2016, I should have been done this a long time ago. But be it as it is, that didn’t happen. So this year I buckled down and committed myself to writing every day with this project being the focus.

And that means I was able to finish!

There’ll be a lot of work to clean it up and refine it in the review process, but that will wait at least a month.

Today, I continue work on a much smaller project, a novella I am calling “Antlers.” I already have 9,000 words in on that with a target between 20,000 and 30,000 words (I started this one a LONG time ago). Provided I focus on getting that one done, I should finish the first draft no later than early July.

After that I wanted to write a middle-grade children’s story for my son, an idea I’ve been holding onto for a bit of time. But that should also be a fast write, much less time than what I had put into Of Earth and Ice.

I have a lot of potential projects coming out in the next year:

  • Gravity 4 (in review)
  • Gravity 5 (1st draft complete)
  • Of Earth and Ice (parts 1 through 5 – the full novel – 1st draft complete)
  • Antlers (next up in the writing queue)
  • SOAR! (in the queue after Antlers)
  • A Patreon account with short stories (more on that in the coming weeks)
  • The Colonist (a short story, 1st draft almost complete)

After all this above, there’s more things like the next Agnes chapters, several books I’ve started and am as much as 20,000 words into already (there are two I know of right on the top of my head, one a sci-fi action adventure, and one a dark YA superhero novel). Provided I continue with my rate of productivity and am able to get some help reviewing work, I should be able to keep pounding through these projects… for once.

Stay tuned! Great things are happening!

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