Upcoming Releases

I’ve written a lot lately. Over 200,000 words of fiction this year so far… which is insane when I think about it. But what that’s enabled me to do is to start completing the first drafts to a ton of projects. Right now, there are a number of projects I am readying for release or for the next steps of review: beta-reading and editing.

And what does that mean? A lot of releases coming soon!

That’s right, I plan on having a lot of new stuff coming out in the next year. At least five if I were to stop right where I am at right now and not write a single word more. And that number will only grow if I keep up this pace of writing that I’ve had.

Anyway, so this post is of a sort that is more about making announcements as to what is coming soon. So here it goes!

First up, coming in the next few days to a week here in July is my new short story: “The Colonist.”

“The Colonist” follows a colonial expedition on a new planet that find far more than they realized, and they come to regret landing there.

Next, coming in August is book 4 for Gravity, continuing my sci-fi saga.

Then, in September, my standalone novella “Antlers.” A story of a man who ventures out into the wilderness and gets lost after becoming sympathetic to the plight of a deer being pursued by wolves.

Then, in October will be book 5 for Gravity (yeah, Gravity is getting a good flood of updates).

Then, between November and December, “Of Earth and Ice” will continue with the simultaneous re-release of Part 1 and release of part 2. It will then continue month to month until all 5 parts are out and then will come the print and ebook omnibus version of the epic scifi novel.

That’s five projects.

But wait! There’s more!

I have completed the first draft of my first middle-grade chapter book “Soar,” about a young kestrel choosing to compete in the greatest bird race in the world. My son, 9, wants to illustrate for the book. He and a few others will beta-read next, and then he will be drawing some of the illustrations (I will do the incidentals and the cover). That will come sometime in the next year.

That means that I have now also started on the next chapter in the story of Agnes Pyle, my YA supernatural action-adventure. That will take me about 3 months to write provided I keep my pace.

After that, there’s even more. But I am going to get through all the above first…

Now, during all this, I have also started writing roughly 100 words a day each of two short stories. One always for Patreon; one for whatever I end up writing it for. Some might go to my site for free, some might become additional material for Patreon, some may go to Kindle, and some might be held for a story collection. (For the Patreon stories, all you need is a single dollar each month and you’ll get full access to said stories.)

So yes, there is a LOT coming out from me in the coming months. The pace of releasing may lighten up some after I get the backlog out, however, it will not stop. Instead of monthly like will be happening, it might go to every few months. Either way, exciting things. Exciting things!

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