Getting Close

I am getting close. I’ve eclipsed 140,000 words on my project Of Earth and Ice. I am looking at finishing the first draft somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 words. So I am close. Very close. What’s got me now is the looming point of starting another project. This used to be such an easy … Continue reading Getting Close

Ebook Sale Begins Today!

May the 4th be with you! Starting today, all my ebook works are going on sale! See the links below! I have 3 for free and another 5 for only $0.99 apiece. That means for $4.95 you can own all the terrible writing I've put out so far! (Or just grab the free stuff and … Continue reading Ebook Sale Begins Today!

An Upcoming Sale!

I have slacked off on this for too long, so instead of a normal post, I have decided to announce that it is time that I put everything ebook on sale! Everything! Starting Friday, May 4th, all my ebooks will be on sale. Here’s the list: From May 4th through May 8th, the following ebooks … Continue reading An Upcoming Sale!


The other day I was tearing up. My eyes were watering as I was contemplating a predicament. The empathy that I normally am burdened with was under high duress as I wrote a chapter that placed a character in a position that was truly worse than death… I am used to writing passages that place … Continue reading Cruelty

Slowing the Pace

Whoa! I have to slow myself down… in a manner of speaking. I’ve blogged about it before, I think on my old site before it had crashed. A friend had sent me a background for my desktop some time ago. A simple background, black with the words, “You keep finding flaws in your writing because … Continue reading Slowing the Pace