You’re either with me…

...or I don't care. There’s a funny thing happening to me as I write more: I am caring less and less whether I make it big. At all. That seems funny, but at least at this point it is true. Sure, there is that drive that I want to be able to make my living … Continue reading You’re either with me…

A New Method

I listen to Sam Harris’ podcast “Waking Up.” I like the guy. He’s a fellow atheist, and one who values thought and reason over the rash, reactive environment we have in today’s atmosphere. But you think I am about to go political? Not a chance. Listening over several episodes, Sam has been telling people to … Continue reading A New Method

The Art of Juggling

Contrary to the title, this post is not about juggling as a literal activity, but rather I am bringing it up in the metaphorical sense. It is about managing activities. In this case: my writing. In any business venture, there are a lot of different bases that need covered to sell a product. Design, manufacturing, … Continue reading The Art of Juggling

An Industry of Change

Of the many disconnected things that I follow on youtube, from ASMR artists (called ASMRtists for a one-syllable shortening), to blogs about Atheism, to musicians, to a hula-hoop phenom, I had come to follow a channel called Meytalll, from Meytal Cohen, an youtube drumming sensation. Mixed within the videos of watercolor tutorials and massage techniques, … Continue reading An Industry of Change