About the Books

One of the things as a writer, particularly an indie writer, that I feel that I must learn to become more skilled at, is talking about my books. Why? Because inevitably when some person approaches me and asks me what I write about, I get flustered and usually end up speaking in overly generic terms. At the end of the conversations (where I usually am met with no sale and an apparent disinterest) I feel that I have failed to convey anything relevant to my story.

As a writer, I am better at communicating, well… by writing.

And to get better at anything, one must practice.

This is going to serve both purposes, in a manner of speaking… err writing.

What I am going to do is once a week for the next 6 weeks I will be posting a full article about one of my available works (6 paid works and 2 free). It will be a relatively comprehensive story about the story. I will answer things like “what’s it about?” “what’s the main character like?” “what gave me the idea?” etc etc.

Writing these posts out are intended not only to get me practice in talking about my work, but also to give the opportunity for interested readers to get a deeper insight into what I was trying to do with the books.

Hope you enjoy!

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