It Can Wait. Or Can It?

Life is all about choices. Choices create the path we lead. Many times, we don’t understand that these decisions that we make have consequences beyond just the idea of having a cookie or not. Seems overly simple, but it is these tiny choices that add up to bigger life issues. Part of what my wife … Continue reading It Can Wait. Or Can It?

To Home with the Gym

It’s cramped. There’s a few things missing too, but it’s ours. And damn we’re happy about it. It was a serendipitous moment that my wife stumbled on a posting for someone who was desperate to dump a load of gym equipment purchased a year before. We jumped on it. I am so glad we did. … Continue reading To Home with the Gym

Lack of Blog

I’ve been finding it very difficult to write blog posts of late (much less writing in general terms). Many posts that I’ve tried writing in the past week were sent straight to the recycle bin. Most I closed out and chose “don’t save” when the prompt appeared. Some stopped due to self-doubt. Others fizzled at … Continue reading Lack of Blog