It Can Wait. Or Can It?

Life is all about choices. Choices create the path we lead. Many times, we don’t understand that these decisions that we make have consequences beyond just the idea of having a cookie or not. Seems overly simple, but it is these tiny choices that add up to bigger life issues.

Part of what my wife and I believe is that you need to know what the consequences of choices are and subsequently accept them when making a decision. What goal is more important? For instance, when looking to scarf down that pack of cookies or having the extra several beers, I have to figure out whether they are more important that something else I want: being fit and healthy. Is having those items more important than the goal of getting fit? If I say yes, they are, then I cannot complain when my waistline grows, or my energy levels fall.


My wife was baking these as I wrote this piece. Darn her.

I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t consider this when they make decisions like eating poorly. They shovel in calorie after calorie of junk only to complain later about the being fat and feeling like crap. Sure, in ways it could be due to a lack of knowledge, but more often I find it is less that and more ignoring information. We know the cookies are bad for you, but we like them more than carrots, so we are going to eat the cookies. We then bemoan our waistline wishing for some miracle that will change our fate… as long as we can keep eating the cookies.

This holiday season has given me a compounded level of choices to make. I weighed the option of going to the gym versus securing myself more time during the day. The time became more valuable to me, so I stopped going to the gym. Because of that, I stopped monitoring my eating habits, loosening them a little for the holidays. Apple pies, pumpkin pies, Christmas cookies all started to be in season and I thought about if I wanted them or to not let my eating get too out of control. I wanted them more. I’ve spiraled out of control in so many ways here that it is amazing that I haven’t gained weight. Although my strength and muscle have fallen.

Lately though, I’ve been finding myself just unhappy with how I’ve been feeling. I know

Time to start lifting again.

exactly where it is coming from, but I’ve allowed myself to keep chugging (animal crackers) along telling myself that I was going to wait until after the holidays were over. More and more though, I am not happy with that choice. I am tired. Run down. Getting moody. Foggy-brained. It isn’t helping.

Waiting to after the holidays is no longer an option. I need to get back on track now. There is no better time. I want my health and fitness more than that damn cookie. I can have them every so often, but that’s gotta be it. My decision has to be for me.

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