To Gym Or Not To Gym

I’ve been debating a lot recently on whether I want to keep the expense of a gym in my family’s budget. We don’t go to one of those $10/month gyms. Rather, we go to a sports club (cue snobbery!). It’s a very nice one too. But there are problems with it. My problems, but nonetheless, problems.

Part of it stems from the expense, I won’t lie. Overlooking a $10/month expense is easy. Not being that inexpensive creates a negative on my end. If there’s real value in it, sure. But I’ve been questioning that value now.

In the last year, I’ve completely shifted my goals in regards to fitness. Sure, I’d love the physique, but in the time and effort required there is a mismatch with my other goals. I’d rather be happy and healthy feeling… which I don’t need near the effort for.

And speaking of time, travel time to and from the gym has become another concern.

Here’s the question though: do I even need the gym? At all?

In short: nope. Not at all. Not even for the weights. I can get a brutal workout done without any weights. I tried it the other day. It was brutal. Another thought then occurred to me: I wasn’t bound by time to complete the workout. I could workout anytime, anywhere. I could do it in parts; I could do it all at once. Because I wasn’t using weights, it freed me from the need of a place where weights were.

So I am leaving the gym.

Now, eventually I do plan to invest in some equipment at home, but I am in no rush. For now, I am happy with my choice. And I’ll make sure my body suffers for it.

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